Friday, August 21, 2009

Bathroom Inspiration from The Boundary Hotel

Conran's New London Hotel Bathroom

I'm taking a bit of a break from the Maine posts and sharing some more bathroom inspiration. I just spotted a few lovely baths that caught my eye over at Remodelista. Greg really wants to use external shower faucets where the pipes come out of the wall like the image above. Our current bathroom has the pipes inside the wall. Our bathroom stall wall is an exterior wall exposed to the elements. Meaning the wall has little shelter from the freezing outside elements. He's fearing the pipes could freeze if we kept the pipes in the wall. In this worst case scenario we would have to knock out the shower tile to fix any bursted pipes from freezing. This issue could be solved if we designed the pipes to be inside the shower stall like above. I think the pipes look kinda cool and industrial. Below two more amazing bathrooms from Terence Conran's new Boundary Hotel in London.

p.s. hope that makes sense? It's a little confusing and I tried to re-write. Basically most people's pipes are inside the wall which if it's on an exterior wall of the home the pipes would have a higher chance of freezing in extreme northern climates.

Conran's New London Hotel Bathroom
Conran's New London Hotel Bathroom

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wiscasset, Maine: The Marston House & Treats

The Marston House: Wiscasset, Maine

I'm skipping around a little bit but I promise to add all my new Maine spots to my growing list over here. When we were returning home we stopped by The Marston House in Wiscasset, Maine. The store on the first floor of an old house turned B&B has a nice collection of antique linens and objects from France. The space is filled with the most intense but lovely perfume of lavender. Greg made me promise to plant a whole crop of lavender next year. I was inspired by the set of antique pressed flowers prints framed with fabric tape and glass. Reminded me of Amy's lovely diy botanical print project I spotted over at design*sponge. So simple and beautiful.

The Marston House

Main Street at Middle Street

Wiscasset, Maine


The Marston House: Wiscasset, Maine
The Marston House: Wiscasset, Maine
The Marston House: Wiscasset, Maine

Just across the street from The Marston House is Treats a specialty food and wine shop previously run by The Marston House owners. Greg and I bought a few bottles of wine and a very yummy cookie. Take a peek inside even if you don't buy anything. The space is totally cute.


80 Main Street

Wiscasset, Maine

(207) 882-6192

Treats Wine Shop in Wiscasset, Maine

York, Maine: Withington Antiques

Bob Withington Antiques York, Maine

On our drive up to Portland, Maine we stopped at Withington Antiques in York. I found the store via Martha Stewart's blog. The store carries a range of European antiques and garden ornaments. I've been on a marble kick the last few months so I was pretty excited about the store's large collection of marble accented pieces. The prices were reasonable but where geared toward a higher end buyer. I would have bought the marble topped console below if it had been a few inches longer. Greg loved the marble faux bois garden stands found in front of the store. A fun place to stop and explore interesting and unusual pieces. The shops is right off the highway at exit 7 just north of Kittery, Maine.

Withington Antiques

611 Us Route 1

York, Maine

(207) 363-1155

Marble Top Console @ Withington Antiques
Withington Antiques In York, Maine

Bob Withington Antiques York, Maine
Zinc Top Table at Withington Antiques
Pineapple Sconce at Withington AntiquesA set of lamps at Withington Antiques in York, MaineA Pair of Marble Side Tables

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Portland, Maine: Folly 101 & Blanche and Mimi Home

Old Port: Portland, Maine

Two of my favorite home stores were both in the Old Port section of Portland. At Folly 101 items are grouped by color. Soaps, linens, and small accessories fill the open air space. I couldn't leave without buying a set of cotton/linen blend pillowcases for $32. A simple floral eyelet along the edge is totally adorable. How cute are the polka dots pillowcases too? Call the store for ordering info.

Folly 101

101 Exchange St

Portland, ME

(207) 773-5227‎

Folly 101 Portland, MaineFolly 101 Portland, MaineFolly 101 Portland, Maine

Down the street from Folly 101 is Blanche and Mimi Home. Beautiful textiles drape over well curated antiques. A nice selection of bedding from Plover Organic gives the store a modern twist. I bought a few dishtowels by Libeco for styling my veggie boxes.

Blanche and Mimi Home

184 Middle St

Portland, Maine

(207) 774-3900‎

Blanche and Mimi Home in Portland, Maine
Blanche and Mimi Home in Portland, MaineSheets at Blanche & Mimi

Portland, Maine: Angela Adams, Ferdinand, Two Fat Cats Bakery

Maine I Love You Pins from Ferdinand

Pins from Ferdinand in Portland, Maine.

Continuing on my Maine coverage I have two posts from Portland, Maine. It must have been 90 degrees the day I was scouting stores. I could have missed some goodies because of the heat exhaustion so feel free to add your favorites below. I started my day in the East End. Cute crafting supply stores, thrift stores, and hip restaurants dot the street. My first stop was Angela Adams. Colorful rugs, pillows, bags, and shirts fill the space in a color explosion. My pick? New linen pillows with beautiful emerald green and turquoise accents.

Angela Adams

273 Congress Street

Portland, Maine

(207) 774-3523

Angela Adams Store in Portland, MaineLinen Pillows @ Angela Adams

Just up the street from Angela Adams is fun vintage clothing shop, Ferdinand. I scored a great denim wrap skirt $10, vintage scarf $4, feather headband $10, and a fabric hair tie $4. This is definitely the cool kids shop filled with great curated vintage finds.


243 Congress Street

Portland, Maine

(207) 761-2151

ferdinand in Portland, Maine
Vintage Skirt, Scarf, Hair Tie, and Feather Headband from ferdinand in Portland, Maine

I was in charge of making dinner that night. I stopped by Two Fats Cats Bakery for the world's best blueberry pie. The crust was incredibly beautiful. The pie was filled with yummy wild Maine blueberries. Super delicious and great for breakfast the next day too!

Two Fat Cats Bakery

47 India Street

Portland, Maine

(207) 347-5144

Two Fat Cats Bakery in PortlandBlueberry Pie From Maine

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vintage Marble Sink Top

Marble Sink Top Found in Maine

The last few weeks we've been working on our first bathroom renovation. We've purchased a drain kit, carrara marble 1" hex tiles for the floor, subway tiles for bathroom stall, and now a marble top sink! I found the sink at Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine over the weekend. I got it on sale for $400. We need to decide if we want to build a vanity for the top or use metal legs? Closet space is non existent in the house so a vanity seems like a smart option. Greg likes the metal legs. Below the tiles I choose for the floor.

Bathroom Tile For Floor

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth & Olsen House in Cushing, Maine

Olson House
Garden @ Olsen House

Greg and I spent a long weekend up in Maine. My favorite stop, The Olsen House in Cushing, Maine. The Olsen House was made famous by painter Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World, a beautiful painting depicting a young Christina Olson crawling in the front field of the home. Wyeth created many works at the Olson house. The house is magical. A big center hall colonial sits high up on a rolling grassy hill that meanders it's way down to the cold Maine ocean.

Wyeth painted in almost every room of the house. Simple images of the paintings are framed in the rooms to give visitors an idea of what Wyeth saw. The gorgeous light in the house is transcendential. Soft rays of summer sunshine flow through the wavy old panes of the windows. Each corner of the house is a perfect still life waiting to be painted. Below are a several photos I took of the house showcasing the beautiful light.

At the very bottom are photos of the field that meanders it's way down to the ocean. Andrew Wyeth is buried at the base of the hill in a cemetery overlooking the ocean. A truly special place to visit.

The Olson House

Hathorne Point Road

Cushing, Maine

Front Door @ Olsen HouseFirst Floor Room @ Olsen House

Pantry Looking into Kitchen @ Olsen HouseKitchen @ Olsen HouseGeraniums in Kitchen @ Olsen House
Mop and Bucket @ Olsen House

Window @ Olsen House
Second Floor Bedroom @ Olsen House

Beautiful Window Light @ Olsen House
Looking at Window At Ocean @ Olsen House

Field @ Olsen House
Wildflowers @ Olsen House in MaineField @ Olsen House in Mid-August
Gravestones @ Olson HouseAndrew Wyeth Gravestone in Maine

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

George Anderson & Sarah Elizabeth Block Printers

George Anderson In Rockport, MAGeorge Anderson In Rockport, MA

While I was in Rockport yesterday I took a stroll over to George Anderson's studio and gallery. Bright colorful nautical imagery is unique and captivating. I wanted to visit Sarah Elizabeth's Block printing studio but it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Total bummer. I took a photo of a lobster block printed fabric and Cape Ann print from outside the store. I'll stop by next time I'm in town!

George Anderson Fine Art

11 Main Street

Rockport, MA

(978) 500-3661

Sarah Elizabeth Block Printers

5 Whistlestop Mall

Rockport, MA

(978) 546-6541

Sarah Elizabeth Blockprinters
Cape Ann block print at Sarah Elizabeth

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