Monday, July 27, 2009

Wiscasset, Maine: Elliott Healy Books & Prints

Elliott Healy Books in Wiscasset, Maine

I think the main reason I went into this shop in Wiscasset was because it shared my last name. It's not that often you come across another Elliott with two t's! The store situated off just off the main Rt 1 drag is filled to the brim with antique children's books. In the back corner of the store are a few maps and prints.

You'll find books shops like this all over Maine. I remember even more as a kid. Most the prints you'll find were removed from old books and are now sold individually. I have dreams of finding an undiscovered book still bound and filled with etchings. Probably won't happen... Botanical prints will run you $25-$100 each. I had to resist buying a few because I'm trying to limit my spending till I'm really ready to decorate. Cute store and helpful staff.

Elliott Healy Books & Prints

53 Middle Street

Wiscasset, ME


Elliott Healy Books & Prints Wiscasset, MaineFlipping Through Botanical Prints in Wiscasset, Maine

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  1. Looks perfectly charming. I would love to get lost among the books.

  2. inspired by your post we stopped at Elliott bookstore on our way up to Belgrade Lakes from Boothbay Harbor. Loved every minute of our visit - lost in wonderful book collection - incredible book selection AND fantastic beads. Told Mr Healey and lovely woman behind front desk that a blog had brought us in to their store and they were so curious and excited that they left shop to google you.
    All very happy coincidence. Thank you Katy!
    becky and stephen

  3. That's so nice Becky & Stephen! I'm glad you liked the store. Thanks for mentioning my blog.




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