Monday, July 27, 2009

Wiscasset Cottage Antiques

Wiscasset Cottage Antiques

Wiscasset is a coastal village famous for it's antique stores. Stores are curated nicely representing folk art and early American style furniture. I checked out a few shops and took a few photos at Wiscasset Cottage Antiques. Sometimes looking and taking photos is a hard thing to juggle. Smaller pieces were affordable with a New England flair. The main cottage is decorated with folk art (I wanted them all!) and interesting objects like trunks and wood boxes. Walk back to a smaller cottage to find stacks of rugs, wooden model boats, and decoys. A few pictures from inside the shop above and below.

Wiscasset Cottage Antiques

16 Middle Street

Wiscasset, Maine

(207) 380-2605

Wicasset Antique Shop: Model SailboatsAntiques in Wiscasset, Maine
Antique Store in Wiscasset, Maine

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  1. wiscasset is right on our way from maine to mass! perhaps i can convince my boyfriend to stop there :) thanks for sharing!

    p.s. do you have any suggestions on a campground or reasonable inn of some sort for the two nights we'll be in ma?

  2. Hmm where do you want to go in Ma Brittany?



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