Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stripe Wallpaper From Farrow & Ball

Stripe Wallpaper at Blueberry Inn in Camden, Maine

This morning I was doing some research for my Maine trip when I came across this room at the Blueberry Inn in Camden, Maine. The pink stripe wallpaper caught my eye. I'm still working on my little room and haven't quite decided on a design. I thought about painting stripes. My sister recently installed a gorgeous Farrow & Ball stripe in her living room. I love Farrow & Ball's wallpapers. Many of the papers are hand block printed which gives the walls a beautiful tactile quality. Maybe I should just wallpaper? I have to order some samples. A few of my favorites below.

p.s. Do you know anyone that makes great stripe wallpaper?

farrow & ball wallpaper

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  1. I’ve stayed at the Blueberry Inn…you will love it.

  2. Ralph Lauren's Glenview Paisley in the Quartz colorway reads like a stripe on the walls, and it's absolutely gorgeous installed. Here's a link to a thumbnail, but you really need to see the room photos in the wallpaper book to see how this reads on a wall... there are a couple of room photos in his current Archival English wallcovering collection book:


  3. Thanks queen that wallpaper is cute! I think I need to go and check out some wallpaper books today and see what I discover.

  4. Princes & Crows by Alix Soubiran.

    love your blog!

  5. The room you show in the pic looks so elegant and timeless.



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