Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip: Waterville, Maine

My Great Grandparents Farm in Waterville, Maine
Farm in Waterville, Maine

My dad was originally from Waterville, Maine; He pasted away in 2001. When I'm back in Maine I'm reminded of him. The above farm was my great grandparents who settled in Waterville, Maine in the 1920's from Poland. I remember going to the farm as a kid. We would run in the fields while all the old ladies would bake homemade rolls and thanksgiving dinner inside. My family sold the farm and moved south to Portland in the mid-1980's. It's nice to just drive by the old place and think 4 generations of my family have been on that soil.

Bolley's in Waterville, Maine
Bolley's Hot Dogs and Burgers in Waterville, Maine

My dad's favorite place in Waterville was Bolley's—A hotdog stand that's been in one family since the 1950's. He always ordered a fully loaded dog with cooked onions on the bottom; ketchup and mustard nestled on the sides. I ordered his favorite and my mom got a burger. Honestly, it wasn't so great (sorry, dad) but the nostalgic nature of the place makes it awesome.

My Parents First House in Waterville, Maine
Colby College: Waterville, Maine

A shot of my parents first house above which is just down the hill from my father's alma mater, Colby College. He always would tell us stories how crazy college was in the 1960's. So wacky to think your parents were once just as young as you, struggling and starting a family.


  1. oh, i'm loving the road trip posts! and seeing the spots where your family lived--these places always have such an air of mystery and memory and nostalgia about them. it's always such a weird thought that my parents were once as young as i am now and went through such similar--and different--experiences.

  2. I'm catching up on all your Maine posts today & am getting a little teary eyed with the mentions of your dad. My mom passed away in 1998. She grew up on a farm in PA and it's a similar thing for me when I'm back there - comforting knowing she grew up there & was preceded by generations before her, all on one working farm.

    This seemed like such a wonderful trip.



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