Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marine Hugonnier: Ocean Photographs

Marine Hugonnier: N1 Towards tomorrow 1

I spotted the above photo in the August issue of House Beautiful. The photo is blown up really large, simply framed, and hanging over a large bed. The twinkle of the sea and the expansiveness of the sky draws me in. The small image above doesn't do it justice. I so want it!

The image shot by Marine Hugonnier is part of series called, Toward Tomorrow. The compilation of images are 'the result of a trip to the Bering Strait in Alaska to photograph across the International Date Line into Siberia. Due to its geographical position, Siberia is always 24 hours ahead of Alaska. The photographs are therefore, in effect, pictures of a future moment' How poetic.

Marine Hugonnier: N6 Towards tomorrow 6
N8_Towards_tomorrow_8Marine Hugonnier: N9 Towards tomorrow 9

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  1. It's impossible to get tired of the sea and sky, isn't it? So beautiful.

  2. Any idea where these prints might be purchased?

  3. these photos are amazing. i can totally envision these blown up huge above a bed. sigh...

  4. queen shenaynay-- go to her website with the portfolio. There is a listing for a gallery she is represented by that you can buy prints through.

  5. Thanks, Katy! BTW, I just recently found your blog and it just tickles me silly. Great inspiration and lots of ahhh.

  6. I saw the print in House Beautiful too and loved it!

  7. I also fell in love with this print - anyone know if it's possible to purchase one? Or if it's possible for an average mortal to purchase one?



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