Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lamp Kits for Glass Bottles

inspiration from tom scheerer: bottle lamps

Grace from design*sponge shared a great glass jug lamp this morning on twitter. She wondered where she could find the parts to make her own. I've been eyeing this project for months. I would love some glass jug lamps scattered all around my house. They feel so nautical and New England.

Above is an inspiration shot from Tom Scheerer. A few glass reed wrap bottles and insulators I've spotted at local flea markets below. The jugs are quite easy to convert. You can purchase a cork sockets for around $15, thanks Kate Flaim for the source! Basically you just stick the cork into the bottle and your done. Below an Insulator Night Light Kit for $20. So cute for a small space or hallway.

I haven't found a source online yet for vintage glass jugs. I have spotted them at fleamarkets and antique stores around New England. Do you know a good online source? Leave a comment below.

p.s. Anne from the City Sage just gave me the head's up on a post about unique jug resources on decorology.

Bottles wrapped in reed@ Todd's Farm
Old Glass@ Todd's Farm

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  1. Have you tried ebay? I've found ebay to be a great source for anything vintage.

  2. I don't know about a regular source, but isn't this a lovely one on ebay?

  3. (Wildly expensive, of course. But that color!)

  4. I saw an article on Blenko glass in the recent issue of Country Living?

  5. these are a little more pricey (compared to somethings on ebay) but...

  6. What a fun project. I'm going to check the thrift store this week and see what sort of jug I can find. Thanks for all the data on this.

  7. Very nice photos. I recommend you ebay for buuing and selling antique glass bottles.



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