Monday, July 6, 2009

House Renovation: Patio Progress

House First of July 2009
Containers at Front Step Filled

On July 4th I had the best surprise. I came home from a hellish day at the liquor store to find the hole in my house and garden gone! Yeah! Greg finished up with the wall and pushed all the dirt back. This afternoon I removed a huge pile of rocks that had accumulated on the side of the garden. A little more grading and some top soil and I'm ready to plant.

I think with this garden I should really map out a plant map. I know I want variegated hostas, ferns, a cabbage rose, maybe a lilac or a tree peony. The garden will wrap around the house and continue down the sidewalk. The patio itself will get covered in pea gravel. Hmm now what to plant?

Above the front of the house in early July. My hydrangeas are in full bloom. The two on the left are a little smaller. Greg promised this week to cut a few of the branches of the tree to allow some more light in. Next to the front step I filled some containers with annuals. I'm still on a search for the perfect urn. The terra cotta pots were a low cost solution that works for now. Next year I want to install flower boxes and shutters to the front of house once it gets painted.

Side of House Garden Leveled/First of July
Side of House Garden Leveled/First of July

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  1. Hooray - I'm so glad the hole is gone! And your flowers look amazing - I'd definitely go with the lilac just for the smell alone, but if you could fit in both the tree peony would look amazing. I can't wait to see how much progress you will have made by this time next year!

  2. The house looks glorious! Yay for no more holes! Tree peonies are one of my absolute favorites. I love seeing your progress (and living vicariously through your restoration)!

  3. Kristen Elliott JonesJuly 7, 2009 at 7:45 AM

    I think you need to think about landscaping as oppose to just plants. Think shrubs that have a full 4-season effect. Peony leaves die down by mid-late July, lilacs do not have greens all year. You need to mix it in with boxwoods, varigated shrubs and you want to create privacy. People will see you do everything and your stuff will be exposed. I think creating a cocoon effect will be cozy.

  4. Congratulations! You might find some inspiration at the Salem Garden Club Garden Tour coming up this weekend (July 11-12) as many of the gardens are smaller courtyard or pocket gardens. It's centered in the McIntire District around Chestnut Street. My own garden at #7 is on the tour, not that I'm blowing my own horn!

  5. Thanks for the tip Donna. I would love to come!

  6. boy it's looking so good Katy, just amazing. Hx

  7. I found out last weekend that my friend's father used to live in your house! I told her how you were renovating it and she posed the great idea that whenever you are done renovating you should hold an open house.



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