Friday, July 10, 2009

Early July Tomato Plant Update

San Marzano Tomato Plant Growing

I can't believe how big my tomato plants have grown. When I first planted them outside I thought they weren't going to make it. With all that rain the plants are now growing like weeds. We have 11 healthy plants growing nicely in my small little garden. I can't wait for some tasty tomatoes. Above is a shot of my San Marzano tomato plant. Rubbing the leaves with your fingers leaves a lingering tomato smell on your hands for hours.

Tomato Plants Growing Big
tomato plants growing big


  1. They look great! I envy you the San Marzanos ... so tasty.

    Must be something in the air, because I just posted a picture of my tomatoes today, too : )

  2. I knew they would pick up!! Mine are exploding, too!



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