Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brainstorming Plants for Patio

Tree Peonies are shrub like plants that can grow 2 ½' to 5' tall.

Now that we finally have the back yard area leveled out and fixed I can actually start thinking about plants. The area gets two kinds of sun. Half of it's filtered shade and then on the sidewalk side a strip of full sun.

In the shaded area I want to plant hostas, ferns, bleeding hearts, and lily of the valley. The shade plants will surround an outdoor eating area. Soft touchable plants seem best. I hate a thorny rose in my butt while I'm eating!

Along the sidewalk I would like to use taller plants to give us some kind of privacy. I thought about using really large shrubs but felt that the small patio area would feel even smaller. The sidewalk strip gets a lot of sun so a Tree Peony or a new dwarf reblooming Lilac might work. I've never actually seen a a tree peony in real life. I've heard they're stunning. The reblooming 'Josee' lilac was just introduced this Spring. If you have one let me know what you think. After one large shrub is anchored near the driveway I want to continue with taller perennials that will connect to my side garden along the sidewalk. Below a few more of plants I love to incorporate into the space.

'Josee' a dwarf lilac that reblooms throughout the summer.

hosta selections from Klehm's

A selection of hostas I love. Bright green accents are amazing especially when paired with different shades.

ECHINACEA PURPUREA 'PINK POODLE', love the texture and color.

There are several varieties of Bee Balm. I want something a bit taller.

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  1. I love Bee Balm! Best part is rabbits don't like it! If you are looking for a soft plant wormwood is awesome - its really low though but it gets wide quick - I got some this year and it is growing like nuts!

  2. Hello Katy- we have a tree peony. I loved it and the herbaceous peonies so much I dug them up from our last house and moved them with us. It is just gorgeous and nothing in my garden compares to it when it is in bloom. I wait for it all year. The foliage is a lovely purpley-green. I will warn you of one thing- can you see your patio from the indoors during winter? Ours looks rather ghastly in winter (full of promise, but ghastly.) It will need room and sunlight, but don't let it dry out. We got ours as a tree root from a White Flower Farm tent sale years ago and I've never regretted it. I think ours is "Yachiyo Tsubaki". Good luck.

    Liz in Upstate NY

  3. Katie,
    Can you give me your email address? Some how when I click on the email on your site, I can't see it. I don't live very far from you and thought I would send you a picture of my tree peony so you can get an idea of how big (and luscious!) they get in this area.

  4. Tree peonies are truly beautiful. What took my fancy was your mention of a dwarf lilac. I didn't know you could get dwarf ones. I wonder if we can get them here in New Zealand yet.

  5. Plants can do amazing things. Nice to have as decor or to look at while sitting on your patio.



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