Friday, July 17, 2009

Bathroom Inspiration First Floor: Traditional with Marble Accents

I love the console sink. I found a few inexpensive versions over here.

Greg and I have been working hard on coming up with a plan for our first bathroom. The bathroom is on the first floor of the house. We are still fighting about the house being a two-family or one. So what I hoped would be a powder room has turned into a full blown bathroom...which actually won't be so bad even if I win my one family battle. I can hose off dirty kids without dragging them upstairs and a big stall will be great for giving my indoor plants a weekly bath.

The bathroom is small, 5 x 9 feet. I'm trying to brainstorm ways to open up the space and make it feel airy. I would like to do a marble hex floor. Super pricey and wondering if I could come up with a more cost effective solution. We definitely want a stall maybe with frameless glass. See below. If we eliminate the curb will it look geriatric or cool? I need to decide on a sink. I love the look of a console sink (above) I just don't if it's visually too big for the space. Then there are the mirrors, accessories, and lights...

While I'm in Maine next week I hope I can find an antique mirror. I don't want the space to look too modern so finding a few broken in things would be great. All this is very stressful and terrible expensive. I can't believe we have two more bathrooms to do. blah and yeah all at once.

Need more bathroom inspiration check out my gallery of bathroom ideas over here.

Door Sixteen mixed wood accents into a simple bathroom. Love the mirror. The sconces by School House Electric are a total fav too.

An old built in mirror would be a total score via remodelista.

A smaller tower to store towels could warm up the space?

Wide beadboard covering the walls floor to ceiling would fit the old house feel.

Our bathroom is much smaller but we love the stall bathroom with a simple glass panel on one side.

A frameless glass stall with a curb via

Subway tile inside the shower would be perfect and economical. Ann Sacks' version to me has a little more dimension. Around $2.50/sq foot

Door Sixteen's marble hex bathroom floor is gorgeous but super pricey. Is it worth it?


  1. Love it all! Can't wait to see what you pick and do!

  2. You will never regret having a place to hose off the kids on the first floor. After years of Manhattan living I relish in hosing everyone off by the backdoor!

  3. I love the glass panel shower idea, but do you think water would splash everywhere?

  4. I love your choices, I have a few of the same in my files for when we go to reno. ours.

    My parents had the glass panel, their complaint wasn't splashing. It was the draft! Not pleasant in cooler weather.

  5. if this is your "forever home," and it sounds like it is, you should go for the pricey hex floor. if you compromise and get something you don't love, you'll always look at it and regret it.

  6. we have seriously the same design sensibility. I know I need to get over it and stop commenting about it, but geesh. Lots of white, put hex tiles on the floor, subway in the bath, some warm wood accents and a unique light source or two. Yes, please.

  7. If it does splash on the floor we bought a drain kit that slopes into a drain. Just in case we have decided to waterproof the whole floor.

    Thanks Townhouselady for the drafty issue.

    I thought about the cold issue with the single piece of glass. It's not our primary bathroom so I'm not too concerned with the cold. I would never do it my main bath unless I had heat lamps installed.

  8. Love the subway tiles in the shower - I plan to do the same thing someday. I never really thought about floors before, living in a rented apartment and all, but I love the marble hex floor. Either way, I know whatever you two choose will be beautiful!

  9. Love all these classic white bathroom looks. Something a bit unexpected like DoorSixteen's sink and mirror combo could work well in your place, since you have a mix of periods.

    How about large hexagonal unglazed tile a la 1910 on the floors, a salvage sink, and white subway tile part way up the walls? With or without a contrast band of color or art tile like in the teens.

    Jane Powell's Bungalow Bathrooms has some good examples.

    I will try to hunt down some photos of my friend's shower addition. They used white subway tile and no glass doors. It looks great, totally fits in with their otherwise original old bathroom.


  10. Also I like that wood trim or whatever it is with the towel pegs sticking out of it in the first photo. Since your house is early American you can get away with these country touches. Maybe the marble tile is too fancy any way.


  11. I love the first photo. It is my ideal bathroom. And hubby and I are in the process of remodeling our house and our shower is getting subway tile just like that! I was inspired by Door Sixteen's shower. And the little pricey tile? I couldn't do it although it sure is lovely.

  12. Love the marble hex tiles and I wonder if they are just varied enough in color to disguise hair, etc. on the floor? We have stark white hex tiles in our bathroom and it looks like a hair salon within a day of cleaning the floor. Every speck of dirt shows up!

  13. I like the first pic, traditional with marble elements. I like to have my bathroom extra clean so the white colors would definitely work well for me.



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