Friday, July 10, 2009

Antique Fern Lithographs

antique fern botanical print

I've been eyeing fern botanical prints for months now. I would love to do a series of them on a wall in my living room. How sweet are these? The prints are antique lithographs from 1879 by Daniel Cady Eaton. Prices range from $85-$90 each. Available through I really want six of them. Where do I find $600? Shit I hate it when you find something you love that's totally unique but you don't have the money to buy them. Why do you torture me? What could I sell?

fern print

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  1. hope you go forward with this idea, because they're gorgeous.

  2. I think even if you just buy one , it will make an impact! And having one might make it seem even more special . . .

  3. Those are wonderful! I hope you can find a way to swing it!

  4. I'm pressing a couple of types of ferns to frame, ever thought of using the real thing?

  5. Emerson--Pressing was option one but I got totally seduced by these prints. I guess pressing is much more economical. Hmm what to do.

    I could buy two and stack them on one of the walls?

    I found this on ebay, and this

  7. this is such a lovely idea! (note to self: steal idea) and there do seem to be a lot of botanic prints available online - some more here:

  8. these are amazing, katy! definitely feel you with the whole being able to afford things...

  9. There's a blog that posts high-res printable images of a lot of older ephemera (already in the public domain), including botanicals:

    Might not find the exact same thing, but it would certainly be a cheaper print.



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