Monday, June 1, 2009

Worried About Tomatoes

I'm a little concerned about my heirloom tomato plants. They don't seem to be really growing outside. I don't think they're getting enough sun. Kinda bummed since I planted 9 different plants. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Lovin' this painting by Jamie Shelman. Makes me dream of how tasty my tomatoes could be. Check out more at Jamie's etsy shop.

p.s. see what my tomato plants look like here.


  1. Hallo
    I'm not a gardener but I've heard that toamtoes need very deep soil. In front of the house and on the side, is that what you have for a garden?
    You have a very nice blog! Like to hear about your house renovation. Seems you have a lot of work there… I wish you the best of luck! Be brave!

  2. i've heard that tomatoes tend to grow down first, building up their root base. after that, they get taller & start to flower.

    i've had mine in a raised bed for 4 weeks now and they are just starting to sprout up... hope that helps!

  3. I think you could be right, Meredith. It seems the baby leaves are being replaced with thicker leaves but the plants overall seem really short. The main stem is getting thicker. Let's cross our fingers!

  4. I planted my tomatoes a couple weeks ago and they're just now starting to get bigger and bushier. Still not big, or bushy, getting there. I think Meredith is right about their roots first.

  5. It's still early--my container tomatoes are still shrubby and short. Have you tried a fertilizer? The organic ones made from fish meal do amazing things (but watch closely for ants and aphids for a few days afterwards). Great for my peppers, too! I think the one I use is called Fox Farm. Good luck!

  6. I remember our cherry tomatoes doing much better than our regular tomatoes... but I also think the bigger ones take longer. Maybe give it a bit more time?

  7. My husband put organic bloodmeal (I have no idea what that is) on our tomats and other veggies and they're giant. I live in IA, so this is unheard of. They should be, fo all accounts, shivering buds still.

  8. I'm with you on the tomato plants - I grew mine from seed this year and it's been a labour of love (especially as you can buy ready-grown plants down the road for 50p :)).

    This is probably really obvious, but perhaps right next to the wall the sun can't reach them for a lot of the day? Mine are in pots and I rotate them so that each gets the 'best' place on my terrace every now and then...



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