Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Red Ticking Home

Red Ticking Home Website

Today I wish I could go here so I could touch every single one of those gorgeous ticking stripe fabrics. Can I buy them all too?

Red Ticking Home Fabric


  1. Lovely. I think my head would explode with all these options.

  2. oooh! Gorgeous... and I love those blue and red lampshades!

  3. me too, me too, me too :-) very nice!!!!!

  4. Haha- I looked at the first image and thought, "I've been there! I've seen that!"

    Sure enough, I'm a regular. Red Ticking has become one of my favorites, and it's in a beautiful area of town. It's a tiny little shop, but it's brimming with lovely things.

    Katy, you ought to take a blogger "business" trip to Seattle!

    PS- I have a feeling you'd love this store too- every time I walk in the door I feel like I'm in heaven.


  5. thank you all for these lovely comments. you are welcome in red ticking anytime!!! sincerely, pam



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