Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red Calligraphy on Lavender Paper

I never really talk about wedding invites. The image above caught my eye. A lavender card engraved with scrolling diagonal red script. The marbled interior is really stunning. Kinda funky and different. Check out 49 more inspiring invitations over at marthstewart.com.

(discovered via oh so beautiful paper's tumblr)

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  1. Mmmm...red and lavender. One the loveliest yet most unexpected color combos EVER!

    And can you believe that calligraphy? SWOON!

  2. I love the stamps and little envelope! What a great color combo -- my apt is largely rich purple and ruby red, so I'm pretty partial :)

  3. Thanks Katy! Isn't that invitation fabulous?! I'm storing it away on tumblr for future posting - haven't figured out how I'll use it yet, but it's just too pretty not to feature.

  4. Absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous combination. Traditional, with an edge. I love!

  5. when am i getting my invitation? :) this is betsy from new paltz btw! in between looking after my little ones i do read your beautiful blog.



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