Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plaid and Floral Summer Dresses @APC

apc: madras collection

I've been thinking about these adorable summer dresses designed by A.P.C. obsessively for the past 24 hours. Lovely Chelsea over at Frolic! posted them last week.

The more I stare at the dresses I have visions of myself sewing similar versions. I can't say I've made really anything besides a pillow but why not give it a try? I found two cute dress patterns on Simplicity's website. I just need to find a pattern that looks more like the button shirt dress version on the left. I think what I love most about the dresses is the fabric. Feels vintage and totally 70's. Does anyone know any great madras plaid sources online?

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  1. I just bought that Cynthia Rowley pattern. I'm using the one with the cinched waist as inspiration to create my own version of a $300+ Tucker dress. I've made dresses for my girls, but never grown-up clothing. Fingers crossed. For fabric, you might want to check out Denver Fabrics. The site is enormous, but they have a great selection (although I'm not sure what they carry as far as madras goes). Good luck!

  2. You might check out the Built by Wendy patterns I've linked to here, also on the Simplicity site - she has a button-front dress that I'm thinking you can easily adjust to be sleeveless.

  3. These patterns are just so perfect!! I wish I could sew...the APC versions are wonderful, but just too pricey!



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