Monday, June 29, 2009

Henry Moore Textiles

Drawing by Henry Moore

Henry Moore known mainly to the world as a prolific sculpture has introduced a special exhibit of fabric designs from the 1940's. Textile manufacturer Zika Ascher commissioned several well known artists in the forties to create designs to liven up the post-war era. Above 'Fruit and Flowers' a drawing by Henry Moore and below a few examples of his textile work. The pieces are on display at Sheep Field Green Barn in the UK till October. Find out more:

(discovered via elle decoration)


  1. Interesting... I never knew about Henry Moore textiles. Thanks!!

  2. Oh wow, I just picked up a book on Henry Moore from the library... mostly because the man on the cover looked like my grandpa.... and discovered what a completely awesome sculptor he was. Had no idea he did textiles, although it seems not many people did. Can't wait to tell my sculpture teacher.




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