Monday, June 22, 2009

Can I Sew My Own Liberty Print Dress?

apc: liberty tops
APC: Top

Tops designed in Liberty Fabric by A.P.C.

It's amazing to see my favorite Liberty florals appearing in modern and sexy summer fashion. I could buy every single piece and feel like the happiest girl in the world. Like many of you I'm broke and unemployed. Liberty heaven feels far fetched and a guilty pleasure I can't indulge.

Chelsea over at {Frolic} and I have been wondering what if us non-clothing sewers took the dive and tried making our own summer frocks? We can buy our coveted liberty fabric online and try whipping up a few simple dresses? Maybe I'll start with some fabric that's a bit less expensive then Liberty.

My mom always made fancy dresses for my sister and I when we were little. She even made a few skirts for me to wear to work when I first graduated from college. Mom will you come and help? I found some patterns I like here. I can do this, right?

Nadinoo: Pixies Tea Dress
Nadinoo: Liberty Top
Nadinoo: rose_dress

Liberty print dresses and tops designed by Nadinoo via Beautiful Paper.

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  1. You totally can! I made my own this summer using fabric I got in Paris and have been wearing it nonstop, but DEFINITELY make a practice one first.

  2. You can totally do it! I've been wanting to do this myself. You can substitute a less expensive calico while you test out your patterns. I can't wait to see the results so I hope you post whether or not they turn out ideally.

  3. definitely! get some cheap-o muslin to experiment with ($3/yard or so). also if you already have a top/dress that you like the shape of, you can use that to trace the silhouette. I did that with a top I made a few years ago.

  4. Yes you can! And you absolutely should. And then you should make one for me too :)

  5. If you can do it, then it'll definitely help give me the courage to give it a try myself. I've never sewn more than a pillow in my life, so the thought of trying out a dress or skirt or anything more complicated kinda freaks me out. But I want to try, if I can only find the time and courage!

  6. oh, you can definitely do it! i have been meaning to make some dresses and skirts all summer--they are so easy and pretty to wear and make me feel pretty, even when i am sweating buckets. and sewing them? easy peasy! you can totally do it. i have been drooling over the liberty fabrics, too. maybe i will take a leap and buy some, although i keep trying to find some good stuff at the thrift stores. . . .

  7. Yes, very easy, especially if your mom is advising. Copying existing clothes works best. Make a pattern in muslin first. Though Built by Wendy patterns might be good, but I haven't tried them. Some of the fast fashion places also carry this look. Uniqlo in NYC had a Liberty type print blouse for $60.


  8. My mom agreed to help. Told me I have to come to her house b/c she has a serger and all the fancy gadgets I need to make a few dresses. Maybe next week?

  9. Kristen Elliott JonesJune 23, 2009 at 7:47 AM

    can you make me one too-please mom!

  10. We have total faith you can do this, and *extremely* well, you are just so gifted in this area, and with Mom's assistance? You're golden. (Did you see they are closing their Sloane store?)

    Can't wait to see the pics!



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