Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Willow Obelisk for Garden

We planted a bunch of perennials in my garden over the weekend. I really want to put in a willow obelisk to kinda break up the space and give the garden some height. I thought I could having snap peas and morning glories climbing the willow and then surround the obelisk with some herbs. I'm shopping around and prices seem to be around $20-$30 for a 50" high structure. I like the idea that the willow is a natural material that won't be to jarring in my English cottage inspired garden.

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  1. Love this idea! You could grow sweet pea up it too. I would grow sweetpea everywhere if I could!

  2. Oh yes! Sweet peas sound divine.

  3. We've planted sweet peas as well, thinking we'd have time to buy the obelisk but they are already sprouting! A word of caution with the morning glories- they will reseed themselves EVERYWHERE...although now I am hearing sweet peas will do the same? We used clematis at our old house...looked a little messy over the winter but bloomed like a champ every summer.

    Liz in Upstate NY



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