Friday, May 15, 2009

Wall of Botanical Fern Art

living room may 12, 2009

I want to finish up stripping and painting our living room walls this month. Last fall we starting removing layers of paint covering up gorgeous carved details. The project stalled once the cold weather hit which made it impossible to do work in the space. Once I finish stripping the room we plan on painting the moulding an off-white cream color. The walls are going to be a celery type green (similar to the image below).

Fleamarket season has me scouring for deals and stocking up on furniture and accessories. I would love to score a set of fern botanical prints to hang on the longest wall in the living room. I think the greens would be a good married with the wall color. A few of my inspiration shots I have gathered below. Sorry the scanner is on the fritz so I had to take photos.

p.s. many of you mentioned leaving the wood in the room bare. The room is really dark and I think the dark wood walls would make the room too cavernous. Besides it would take me years to sand the wood down enough to have look acceptable bare. I fear if I did this I would loose many of my beloved details.

botanical print ideas from martha
botanical print ideas from martha
botanical print ideas from martha

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  1. This is going to look *so* good!

  2. I have that same color green in our bathroom! I can't wait to see it when it's done. It's going to look fantastic!

  3. I agree you should paint the wood cream (and celery green is so lovely) - how thoroughly gorgeous is this room going to look when you are done?? I love the large fern prints on the Martha book. Those black frames are fabulous with the ferns.

  4. Love it. Can I make a suggestion? I found a volume of Walden Pond with original woodcuts. I used these in the way they have above. It was original and not ordered from a catalog. they are a treasure. Maybe you have a book which has a woodcut edition you would use? Just a thought. Be well, the Hostess

  5. I love this room, love this photograph, love this blog post. Re the question of how to decorate: I have heard (but never tried) that if you remove paint as you have done, then varnish it, then remove the varnish with varnish remover, you may get some of the little bits of paint left to come off.

    However, guessing by the age of your house, most likely this wood was always painted so will probably never strip completely. You are right, if you sand out the paint, you will ruin the wood detail.

    I agree with you the best choice is to paint the trim.

    I like your color choices of mint for the wall and off white for the trim. Do you know what brand and color of paint you are planning to use?

    I love Farrow & Ball for old houses because of the great texture on old plaster and the natural colors that seem to fade elegantly into the background. But one of my frustrations with them is their lack of greens. In fact, I am always in search of a nice mint, a pale moss, and slightly darker olive, so if you know of any such colors, please share. Thank you.

  6. I just got to play with milk paint, which I definitely recommend (especially for an old house.) It's the most green paint there is and it's actually easy to work with. And it does come in pretty greens. If you find the botanical prints Katy, do share! A friend of mine was looking for something similar and I could never find a good source.



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