Thursday, May 7, 2009

Picnic Baskets

picnic baskets

Picnic baskets that make me want to head to France or maybe a beautiful park. Check out this site full of picnic basket options:

(discovered via Country Living)

Fancy Picnic Basket


  1. MANY years ago I was given a picnic basket similar to these as a wedding perfect was that.

    Tricia - Avolli

  2. A really nice picnic basket is definitely on my wishlist.

  3. Love these! If it was nice out, I would go right now!

  4. I love these! We have a much less romantic (but very practical) backpack version, where everything fits perfectly into a little backpack.

  5. Just found your blog doing a random Google Search...awesome! I'm thrilled with the discovery.

    We are beginning our own renovation on a 420-year-old home in France right now and I am finding much inspiration on your blog about your own renovation. Thank you! I love visiting Marblehead. What a beautiful town. It's one of my favorites on the North Shore, if not my very favorite!

  6. What a great set of baskets! I especially like the wicker divided cup protectors - no need for plastic cups when you have those.



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