Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning Walk & Happy Weekend!

rose bushes on driveway over looking ocean

One more post for the week. It's been raining here in New England for days. The sun finally broke and it feels like we are going to have a hot muggy day. I took a morning walk to see what was in bloom. I saw lots of azaleas, irises, daisies, and wild rose bushes in bloom. The sun was so bright it was hard to get any good shots. I'll try again later in the weekend. A few of my favorites from this morning above and below. Hope everyone has a nice and relaxing weekend.

Lily of The Valley
Azaleas in Yard
Field of Daisies in Yard


  1. Gorgeous! Makes me want to get out of Boston and head to the shore!

  2. So pretty! I wish I lived near the shore!

  3. this last shot of the daisies is fantastic!

  4. I love the angle you've captured those daisies at - you can imagine tiny people living down there for whom each daisy is like a tree in a forest... Or maybe that's just me :).

  5. So beautiful -- what a wonderful landscape to take a morning walk in!

  6. the house to the right of the drive in your first shot is my favorite house in all the land :-)

    love your blog!



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