Tuesday, May 26, 2009

House Renovation: Mulch, Sprinkler System, Basement Window, and a Rock Path

Front of House End of May

Front of house end of May 2009

Welcome back from the long weekend. We had gorgeous weather here in New England. Greg and I stayed home majority of the weekend and worked on house projects. I assume this will be a theme for the next couple years! Greg put in a outdoor faucet, sprinkler system, replaced a basement window, made a garden path, and worked on turning a fence into a garden gate. I added a few more flowers to my garden and put in some mulch. I guess he did a lot more then me? Maybe factor in all the beer runs I had to do to keep him motivated. Oh and I rewarded him with mighty tasty dinners. Saturday night I made rhubarb crisp that was super yum!

Above and below photos of our outdoor renovations from the weekend. Greg thinks my garden is getting too fancy. He said, "Why don't we just live in your garden!" I think he was meaning the outside of our house is getting a little more attention then the inside at the moment. This week? Back inside to finish scraping the paint in the living room.

p.s. all the red cages have tomatoes in them. Nine plants in total. We are going to have a tomato farm!

Mulch in garden and trellis up!

Side garden with mulch.

Before & After shot of Mulch

Before and after mulch.

Bamboo Trellis Up!

Bamboo trellis up! Made of six bamboo rods tied together and staked into the ground.

Outdoor Sprinkler System

Sprinkler system on for a morning watering.

Hydrangeas about to bloom

Hydrangeas I planted last fall are getting ready to bloom.

Basement Window In!

New basement window in and painted Battleship Gray

Gate and Rock Path

Greg built a rock path that will eventually continue through a garden gate.

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  1. Nice work! I spent all weekend working on the gardens... trimmed the boxwoods (psycho-good like Edward Scissorhands), mulched, and a lot of hand-cut work on bushes, vines, trees. The veggie garden and strawberry patch might have something for you to sample when you come 'round in a couple weeks. ciao

  2. Isn't it so enjoyable to see it all come to fruition? Well done!

  3. everything looks so awesome. it will be cool to see your garden fill in over the course of the summer.

  4. It's looking amazing - so nice to see it developing over time. Good long weekend work!!

  5. You guys are doing such good work. My friend and I were just talking this weekend about how much we like your home ... as if we've both been there before!

  6. I really missed this blog over the weekend. Congrats on getting so much done. Looking forward to hearing more about mind-boggling structural repairs in basement, bathroom, etc.

  7. Your garden looks beautiful! I am so jealous of your hydrangea. At only one year old they look better than mine that are almost three years old...I think I need to look into that!

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. RHUBARB CRISP!?!?!?!?!?! yes, please!
    do you have a secret recipe?
    i love his rock placement!
    what kind of mulch are you usung? it looks great!
    as does everything else you've done...including your loving/lovely table setting for two.

  9. I may have over did it this weekend - my right forearm is very sore. Twisting my wrist hurts. I'm satisfied with what we accomplished. I'll need to slow it down next time. I think it was sandbagging in the basement that did it, 100 bags are packed full.

  10. I just love your home and watching the progress you are making. You will have a lovely diary of all your hard work for years to come. My husband renovated our 103 year old home over 3 years and we always took so much pride in the completion of any job, no matter the size. We also worked on our garden at the same time and this made all the difference when work on the house was finished because so was the garden! Keep up the good work, I look forward to how it all turns out. heidi

  11. I meant that my husband AND I renovated our home together, didn't mean to leave myself out!

  12. All i can day that everything is beautifully done. Well actually i dig your site outline and I plan onreturning again! I just love finding blogs like this when I have the time.



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