Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dolhouse at Todds Farm & Thinkin' Brimfield

dollhouse at todds farm

A funny dollhouse I spotted at Todds Farm.

My mom and I went to Todds Farm to score some deals on Sunday. We left empty handed. Nothin' good. Brimfield starts this week so I assume everyone was resting up for the big show. I'm thinking about heading down on Saturday. I went a few years ago and I was kinda disappointed. I thought the prices were a bit high and I had a hard time finding things in pairs ie nighstands. I've never been in the Spring so we'll maybe it will better? Now that I have a house maybe I will find more things that I may have overlooked.

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  1. Oh cute! Love that. Will be curious to see how you like Brimfield.

  2. I love these tin dollhouses! I did a post about them here: http://printerpiemaker.blogspot.com/2009/02/playing-house.html

  3. I have only very recently discovered your blog but I am already sure it will become a firm favourite so I am giving you the Lemonade Award :) See my blog for details.

  4. Ugh, my comment just erased itself. We went to Brimfield last Sept and I felt the same; I wasn't blown away by the stuff and prices were really high. That said, the May show is supposed to be the best, I hear, so please report back! I'll be in Italy looking for flea markets...

  5. Hey,
    I was at Todd Farm on Sunday too! I usually go every Sunday (for the past several years - I'm addicted) and this was the first time in a long time I left empty handed. The previous Sunday I saw an AWESOME sign that said, "CLOSED" but a man literally snatched it out of my hands and bought it. I'm still dreaming about it and how perfect it would have looked in my kitchen, since I always say, "Kitchen Closed!"

  6. I have felt the same way about Brimfield in years past, but I have to say this year seems to be GREAT.
    I'm not sure if it is heh failing economy, or what, but prices were much lower than I've experienced in the past and the vendors were more apt to bargaining. (I didn't think I see this, given I went the first day of the show.)

    Good luck antiquing if you go!



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