Monday, April 27, 2009

Urn Planters

I've been searching for an urn planter for my front door as well as my patio area. It's seems everyone in my town has them but I can't find them at any of the garden stores. Maybe it's too early still? I saw these at Ballard Designs. I think I'm going to keep searching locally and at fleamarkets.

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  1. I love those too. Most of the ones I see around town are antique and cast iron and VERY expensive. I heard a co-worker say once that her's came with her house.

  2. Not sure what stores you have around you, but I saw a bunch in Garden Ridge for great prices. What about discount stores like Tuesday Morning, TJMaxx (if they have a garden area)? Or even Hobby Lobby?

  3. I was just in Crate and Barrel this weekend, and they have slightly smaller scale urn planters with a neat stone/concrete finish. Not quite as refined as what you have pictured here, but very pretty and VERY affordable.

  4. Thanks everyone for the tips. ShockTheBourgeois--I think I like the crate & barrel version for the patio. super pretty. thanks.

  5. Years and years ago I went to an antique store outside of Kennebunkport, Maine that had a lot of garden stuff. I think it was called something like Antiques on Nine- I'm unsure of the price range, but they had some great stuff. My father bought a really cute iron coffee table that was part of a garden set.

  6. Try JoAnn Fabrics - I found one there last year and they always have 50% off deals!



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