Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thomas Paul: New Nautical Pillows

Thomas Paul: New Nautical Collection

I've been waiting for Thomas Paul's new pillows to come out ever since grace spotted them at the Gift Fair back in January. I love anything nautical especially when it includes a whale. The pillows are made of 100% jute. Perfect for summer houses or for anyone who loves the sea. Check out my related posts links for many more nautical inspired home accessories.

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  1. i really enjoy reading your blog...always new things to see that you don't find on other blogs.

  2. These are great Katy, really fun; if it is nautical, odds are we'll like it!

  3. I discovered your blog today as I hunted for wicker chairs. Google can lead you to wonderful new places! I adore your blog and admire your eye for design. Your personal photography work is also fabulous!

    Scrolling through your blog It seems like you are into folk art. I recommend you check out Think you will really dig her work.

  4. Your right Megan I do her work!

    Here's a recent post on Sanna Annukka's new work for marimekko.

  5. Sorry guys blogger is broken. Don't know when they will have it fixed. Stay tuned for posts...

  6. All blogger accounts that publish via ftp were down this morning and afternoon.

    I just posted two posts that were set to publish this morning.

    Sorry guys.

  7. oh i love these...reminds me of my Rhode Island days...

  8. Thanks so much for the link on the pillows. We love them too and are eagerly awaiting our first stock of them to hit our shelves. I really think that the nautical theme will start to get bigger and bigger through the summer.My fave is the large ship. His new sealife pillows and plates from last year have sold like crazyt too. Thomas always seems to hit it right on the head. Thanks again and if you are on twitter, say hello at SeattleVelocity

  9. Very beautiful pillows! Good idea!
    I love embroidery, especially pillows. About my work in my shop and my blog:



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