Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pansies Are In!

Pansies are In!

I finally got my pansies in my front bed this morning. I choose a purple version with light blue and yellow accents. I hope next week my narcissus bulbs will start to bloom. Last Fall, I planted three Endless Summer Hydrangeas (scraggly looking bushes). The leaves are just starting to grow. I love having a garden!

Pansies are In!

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  1. So fantastic! I just put a whole mess of pansies in too. Looking at your front bed makes me think that lilies of the valley would look wonderful there - they start to pop up with the crocuses and other early blooms die down.

  2. Looking great! You picked a lovely color.

  3. So pretty! I dearly wish I had a little strip of green to tend to!

  4. There is nothing like spring planting to start my heart racing! Pansies are one of my favourites. Their little smiling faces are so cheerful!

    In my family we call them panties, a teasing nod to my grandmother who is from germany and frequently makes amusing mistakes with her english...back in the 60's she once proudly announced to all her lady friends that she had planted her panties over the weekend!



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