Monday, April 20, 2009

Michael Piazza & edible Boston

One of my favorite local mags to read is edible Boston. The photography and layout are captivating and gorgeous.

Many of the photos in the seasonal based magazine are by Michael Piazza. Michael creates simple photographs that will make drool. Snapshots that somehow capture the taste and smell of his edible subjects. Above is the Spring 2009 cover designed by Michael. The second half of the image appears along side a story about "Shad in the Charles River". Below are just a few of Michael's photographs that have appeared in edible Boston.


  1. I stumbled on your blog while searching for upholstery fabrics -- and LOVE it! I'm a contributing writer for edibleWOW in southeast Michigan and am loving a glimpse into Boston's mag. I can't wait to peruse through your archives -- I can see already there is so much yummy goodness!

  2. wow.. beautiful.. Why don't our local mags look that fab?

  3. katy i have SO MANY of your blog posts starred in my google reader (just starred this one, wish i could buy a print of those lettuce leafs). you have the best finds i never see on any other blog. keep up the amazing work and thanks for these images. (also, totally random but southeast michigan is my local edible wow and i also used to live in boston so it's funny to see your post and then the first commenters post here)

  4. Thanks rifferaff!

    Fyi edible magazine is available by city or region. Check out the link below to view all communities.



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