Monday, April 27, 2009

House Renovation: Buying a Granite Step

back hoe picking up granite step

Over the weekend we bought a granite step for our front door. We heard rumors a drunk driver hit our house back in the 80's and destroyed our front door and step. We called around to find out how much it would be to have a step delivered. The quotes ranged from $500-$600 with delivery.

We saw a few steps at the granite yard where we picked up the cobblestones. We asked Biz (granite guy) how much a step would be? He said for us, "Saturday special, $50". The only problem? How to get a 500lb stone into our car and eventually out. Biz told us getting it in would not be an issue. He could use the front loader and just drop it in. He assured us he had done it tons of times. The thought of giant claw dropping a huge stone into our only car was a bit unnerving. A strap was wrapped around the stone, picked up by the monster front loader, and gently dropped in. It was honestly super easy and nobody even broke a sweat.

We drove home very slowly with our new step and about 15 cobblestones. We tried to brainstorm ideas how we could get this giant stone out. We could attach it to a tree and drive real fast? Maybe push it out onto padded surface? We lost our nerve on Saturday and I had to go to work at the Liquor Store.

On Sunday morning, Greg told me he had a plan. I came outside to find the car up on our side garden and over the railroad ties we had removed. The car looked a bit scary. Many of neighbors walking by wonder if we had gotten into an accident? Greg slide out the stone onto the ramp. We then flipped the stone onto the grocery cart we found a few months ago. Not so hard? The last shot is Greg showing off the stone. The beam is supporting the cart in case it broke.

Next up? Installing the step...

greg guiding the granite step into the car
granite step going into the car via back hoe
car driven up on garden and railroad ties
granite step getting ready to flip on grocery cart
granite step out of truck on to grocery cart

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  1. congratulations! it will look wonderful.

  2. You two are so ambitious! Your guy is just like Macgyver!
    It's a beautiful front step - it will look great.

  3. Kristen Elliott JonesApril 27, 2009 at 8:15 AM

    so many tricks up greg's sleeve!

  4. You guys remind me of us when we first moved into our house, so daring and adventurous. I love reliving those days through you two. Keep the home reno post coming!!

  5. Makes you wonder again how the pyramids were built....

  6. love it! and i thought that hauling our new 10x14 rug (gotta love the stark carpet warehouse sale) up from the car and into our bedroom was a challenge.

  7. Wow, that's insane. Glad it's worked out so far! :)

  8. Wow! That's crazy! What daring feat will you try next?



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