Monday, April 13, 2009

Galbraith & Paul: Curtain Fabric

Gilbraith & Paul: domino curtains

I'm kind of in love with this curtain fabric by Galbraith & Paul. The fabric appeared in domino in feb 2008. I love the pale palette in Robin Luce's living room. The curtains twinkle on the pale blue wall. Totally love it. Check out more gorgeous fabrics:


  1. I used to work at a shop that sold Galbraith & Paul lamps. They were GORGEOUS. I'd no idea that they made fabric, too ...

  2. love, love, LOVE. i always wonder though: is there any way for regular people to order "to the trade" fabrics like these? or do you have to go through a decorator?

  3. Depends on who the "to the trade" fabric is being sold through. I would try contacting Galbraith & Paul directly and see what they suggest.



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