Thursday, April 9, 2009

Foodie's Feast Photography Show

#1 Snowy Beach

Last night I hung up eight photographs for a small art show at one of my favorite local cafes, Foodie's Feast. I will be having an opening reception that will coincide with Marblehead's Art Walk in the beginning of May. The series of photographs were taken over the winter of 08/09 in Marblehead. Many of the photos were taken just after the snow had fallen and the town felt quiet and serene. Parts of me love winter.

I'm going to be offering the prints for sale in a new etsy shop. I'm in the process of ordering more prints and getting the shop set up so stay tuned. I would love to hear from all of you on which photos are your favorites. I numbered them to make it easier. Your comments will help give me an idea how many prints I should order.

Check out the show here:

Foodie's Feast

114 Washington Street

Marblehead, Ma

(781) 639-1104

p.s. my etsy shop is up and running. Buy prints here.

#2 emerson harris in snow

#3 snow lobster pots

#4 island in snow

#5 boat and lobster traps in snow

#6 Snow, Beach, and Geese

#7 Lobster Traps and Shed in Color

#8 mussel shells in snow


  1. #1, #2, #5, #8.

  2. My favorites are #1 & #6...magical

  3. Oooh an Etsy store - so exciting!

    I love #2 and #8

  4. That's so great, Katy. My favorites are #4 and #7. I LOVE the lobster traps!

  5. Katy, I am a displaced New Englander and these photos make me so happy! #2 and #4 are my favorites.

  6. Katy, they all are great! I think that I would order some of them all. Good luck with the Etsy store.

  7. all are beautiful but #1 and #4 are particular favorites.

  8. #4 looks like a painting. So beautiful!

  9. Katy:
    Your work is lovely. My favorites are #2 and #4. I used to have a house in Rockport, MA, and your pictures make me so, so homesick for it! Enjoy the mud that is spring and the flowers that are summer!

  10. Katy, these are great. #7 and #8 are my favs.

  11. So it sounds like I should just order prints of them all?! Thanks guys.

  12. they're all beautiful but i think you should order #2 and #8, they would sell best!
    good luck with the Etsy shop! i'm just opening one also. wowie, the work that goes into it, hm?

  13. Katy, I love them all.

  14. love love love #2...the colors in the window are brilliant.

  15. Love #2! Something about the splash of color in the window!! Keep up the beautiful and inspiring work.

  16. I love #4 (incredible, soft light), #6 (composition) - just great...
    Looking forward to visiting your Etsy shop!

  17. #5 and #6 - the sky so represents the typical New England sky - dreary. But beautiful.

  18. My favorites pictures are #1, #4, #6, #8.

    They're magnificient! I like the atmosphere, and the calm

    feeling. If it's not too expensive, i would like to buy

    them for sure.

  19. I know you already set up shop, but I love 4. All the water ones really. I really love these:

  20. Thanks Hillary!

    I thought about including those beach photo too. Wondered if anyone would buy them?

    Check them out guys.



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