Friday, April 10, 2009

Flower Semantics

flower semantics

I thought I had to rush to get out the door. Turns out I don't. We thought greg had the day off. Turns out he doesn't. So a few more blogs posts to satisfy other lonely workers sitting in their cubes today.

I stole this from Elisabeth at All Stripes. Seriously lady are you ever going to blog again? I miss you.

I've been thinking about these flowers for months. They appeared in The New York Times as part of an op-art piece for Valentine's day. Totally cracks me up.


  1. These are so funny - I remember chuckling to myself when I first saw them on Elisabeth's blog. I miss her, too. Come back Elisabeth!

  2. Love these!! I want to print them out and put them on my wall somewhere.

  3. I like the red jasmine myself!



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