Saturday, April 4, 2009

Discount Fabric at Marden's

fabric I bought at marden's

My mom gave me a great tip to a discount fabric source in Maine. Marden's Surplus & Salvage stores are known for amazing home bargains and deals. Unbelievably this discount store carries an great selection of quilt shop quality fabrics. Most of the fabrics are about $2.99 a yard. I picked up some super adorable cotton prints for my pillow projects. Check out the blue floral by Michael Miller in the middle of my stack. The fabric was featured in one of the last issues of domino. I got it for $2.40/yard. Amazing!

Marden's: Sanford

1247 Main Street

Sanford, Maine


fabric at marden's


  1. I love the Michael Miller fabric! I've used it for pillows too! This looks like a fantastic place.

  2. Such a treat finding a bargain. Love your picks!

  3. Marden's also carries great carpeting - I got some fabulous bound broadloom for my Maine beach house for pennies on the dollar! Great star pattern that I saw elsewhere for much more! They also will call you if you have a certain color you need. I go to the Marden's in Ellsworth Maine - but there are stores all over the state- see map

  4. I've been looking for fabric to reupholster some old chairs that I'm refinishing. Everything I've found has either been way too expensive or way too hideous. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Thanks for the tip, Katy! I'll be up in Maine in July and will definitely check it out.



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