Thursday, April 16, 2009

3191 Mornings & Evenings Posters

I love everything these ladies do. Two new posters featuring 3191 Year of Mornings and 3191 Year of Evenings. Just $20 for the set. Do you have their book? Buy it here. Total fav; full of beautiful inspiration.

p.s. my blogger account was down all morning. I am doing caught up now on typos and posts.

3191 mornings and evenings posters


  1. I would love a glossy, gorgeous calendar from them. Don't you think that would work well? Of course, I'm prejudiced because I love calendars and usually buy 3 of them per year.

  2. I just heard about them the other day - amazing! Where do people come up with these great ideas - and why can't I???



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