Wednesday, April 8, 2009

100 Abandoned Houses

I love this series of photographs by Kevin Baumann. Abandoned houses covered in snow against a pale blue sky create stunning portraits.

(via freckle farm)

abandoned house: photographs

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  1. Amazing. Whenever I see a house like this I want to swoop in and fix it.

  2. ah-may-zing. love it. i love houses!!!!!!!!! i'll settle down now.

  3. I also love looking at old abandoned houses. I have built two homes, from the plans up. I always look at the homes, imagining the family that once put together a plan and had the home built. Imagine everything that has transpired between those walls, before it came into the present state. The families that have been raised there! A lot to think about!

  4. These images are still kind of haunting me. I saw them about a month ago on Even Cleveland ( They also remind me of this article on buying houses in Detroit ( Thanks for reminding me about them.



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