Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blues at Toast

I'm getting ready to crack open the cookbooks and make a few cookies for tomorrow's Art Walk. Before I go I wanted to share these gorgeous photographs from Toast. Can I wear that robe and live in that house?

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Black Door and Planters

martha stewart living: Black Door and Planters

Elisabeth from Black Pearl Press just scanned this photo from Martha Stewart Living in for me! I love the black door with the slate walkway paired with overflowing pots of green. So pretty. I think the key to my patio will be adding layers of planters at different heights.

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Flower Pot Window Boxes

I kinda love this idea from Martha Stewart. Terra cotta flower pots placed inside window boxes frames are sweet and different. I can imagine them outside a kitchen window or on a pretty little cottage. The swiss dot curtains makes the photo extra awesome.

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Aerial Photographs: Parking Lots

alex maclean: parking lot aerial shot

Beautiful chevron patterning that made me look twice. The photographs are aerial shots of parking lots in Florida taken by photographer Alex MacLean. Kinda beautiful.

alex maclean: parking lot aerial shot

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Enjoying Spring In New England

Lobster Boat

One last post for the night. I promised myself I have to exercise everyday for 45 minutes. I didn't feel like going to the gym tonight so I went out for a long walk while the sun was setting and took photos. I tried to walk fast between shots to get my heart rate up. My favorite shot is above. Below some more photos of Marblehead covered in flowers. I am loving New England in the springtime.

Flowering Spring Tree and Little Moon
Washington Street in Marblehead
mugford street magnolia

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Getting Ready For Marblehead's Art Walk!

Getting Ready For Marblehead Art Walk

This Friday join me at Foodie's Feast for the opening of Marblehead's Art Walk. The Art Walk will showcase a number of local artists featuring their work in many of Marblehead's local businesses. I'll be at Foodie's struting my stuff, selling photos, and serving yummy treats and beverages. I was thinking of making rhubard bars, peanut butter whoopie pies, and something else maybe lemoney. Stay tuned for recipes. I will be selling three different size prints at reduced prices for the Art Walk. Come in and buy a print or two. Prices start at just $10. Look forward to seeing everyone. Drop bye and say hello if your in the neighborhood.

Can't make the show? Buy my photographs on

Foodie's Feast

114 Washington Street

Marblehead, MA

(781) 639-1104

Opening: May 1, 2009 6-8pm

p.s. I've been busy signing photographs and including thank you notes inside the packages. I almost signed, "thank you" as my name. Maybe time to take a break?

Signing and Packaging Photos for Show

Door Sixteen Works on Backyard too!

Door Sixteen a renovation blogger based in Newburg, New York is doing some work on her garden this spring too! Her backyard is much larger then mine. I'm totally digging some of her inspirations shots. She even has a garden plan. Maybe I should draw something out to help me? Below a few drawing of Oscar de la Renta's garden plans that appeared in domino. Check out her house renovation and garden plans:

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Garden Paths via Sunset Magazine

I love these garden paths I found via Sunset Magazine. Rocks in different shapes and sizes create flawless transitions from house to garden. Another image (above) of billowy lavender. So pretty. Check out more ideas:

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Hable Construction: Garden Hats & Gloves

Hable Construction: Garden Hats

I seem to be on a garden theme this week. Totally not planned but I'll go with it. If we're all going to be outside gardening we need to wear cute hats and gloves to protect ourselves. Don't forget some sunblock too! I've searched high and low for garden hats & gloves and I always come back to these. Hable Construction's garden accessories are totally cute and practical. The brim of the hat is just big enough to provide some shade without being too floppy and ridiculous. I love the grippy side of the garden gloves, so handy. They even have matching garden belts for storing shears. Want to check out more fun garden accessories click here.

Hable Construction: Garden Gloves

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No Outdoor Space? Try Gutter Gardens

I love this garden idea! Great for tip for urban living. Attach gutters to the back of a house/building or to a fence. Gutters are available in many different sizes which makes them ideal for fitting into a small space. Brilliant!

(discovered via Make via lots of other blogs that lead to

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Guest Post at The City Sage

Guest Post at The CIty Sage

Morning everyone! Check out a guest post I did for the lovely Anne of The City Sage while she's away on her honeymoon. Three great affordable art resources that I love:

If you found me via The City Sage and want more affordable art links click here.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vintage Floral Wallpaper in Bedrooms

vintage floral wallpaper

All this hot weather has made all the flowers bloom here in New England. My spirits are brightened and I suddenly have so much energy. Last night Greg and I contemplated a move to Southern California. The warm weather just makes us so happy!

Maybe if I can't move to California just yet I could cover my walls with floral wallpaper. Check out these beautiful photos by Wai Lin Tse. Don't they just lift your spirits? I love the layering of colors and prints. Vintage at it's best.

(discovered via bliss)

vintage floral wallpaper in bedrooms

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Summery Weekend & Flowering Tree

Willow Edging & Lavender

Oscar de la Renta's garden from domino

Two things I want to incorporate into our garden/patio/driveway is willow edging and lavender. I think the combination of the two will help soften the space. Both feel so english, which I love. My favorite willow edging is the woven version below. I found a source for purchasing here:

Marston & Langinger Outdoor Furniture

marston & langinger tabletop

If I could shop anywhere for outdoor furniture it would be Marston & Langinger. Each piece feels perfect for my backyard; casual but feminine. I love all the twirly wire work mixed with stripe cushions in earthy tones. The prices are a bit out of my range. I feel confident if I scour flea markets and Brimfield (May 12-17) I might be able to find some similar pieces. Everything is so pretty and so irresistible. My #1 item I wish I could afford? The round limestone topped dining table. Totally in love.

marston & langinger outdoor furniture

Monday, April 27, 2009

Floral Outdoor Pillows

I found these sweet floral blue outdoor pillows from Pottery Barn tonight. Super cute and affordable. They remind me of some of my favorite prints from Les Indiennes.

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Urn Planters

I've been searching for an urn planter for my front door as well as my patio area. It's seems everyone in my town has them but I can't find them at any of the garden stores. Maybe it's too early still? I saw these at Ballard Designs. I think I'm going to keep searching locally and at fleamarkets.

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Searching For Outdoor Space Inspiration

back of house

I've been searching online this afternoon for outdoor/patio inspiration. Nothing has turned up that really wowed me. My creative juices are not flowing. The above photo is the best shot I have right now of the back space I want to renovate into a patio. On the far right side of the garden railroad ties have been removed and replaced with cobblestones.

I want to recreate some type of patio/bbq area. We thought about outlining our driveway in cobblestones and filling in the rest with pea gravel. I don't think pea gravel is the best solution but I don't want to put anything too permanent in. We may end up gutting the back of the house and redesigning. Right now the big redesign just isn't realistic with our budget. So I need to come up with something that is functional but could be easily moved. The other issue. I have to abide by historic code. No big fences or tall structures. So maybe I'll do slate slabs on the pea gravel in the patio area? Leave a link below if you know or seen any good inspiration. I was thinking something that felt kinda beachy with herbs and perennials growing around.

House Renovation: Buying a Granite Step

back hoe picking up granite step

Over the weekend we bought a granite step for our front door. We heard rumors a drunk driver hit our house back in the 80's and destroyed our front door and step. We called around to find out how much it would be to have a step delivered. The quotes ranged from $500-$600 with delivery.

We saw a few steps at the granite yard where we picked up the cobblestones. We asked Biz (granite guy) how much a step would be? He said for us, "Saturday special, $50". The only problem? How to get a 500lb stone into our car and eventually out. Biz told us getting it in would not be an issue. He could use the front loader and just drop it in. He assured us he had done it tons of times. The thought of giant claw dropping a huge stone into our only car was a bit unnerving. A strap was wrapped around the stone, picked up by the monster front loader, and gently dropped in. It was honestly super easy and nobody even broke a sweat.

We drove home very slowly with our new step and about 15 cobblestones. We tried to brainstorm ideas how we could get this giant stone out. We could attach it to a tree and drive real fast? Maybe push it out onto padded surface? We lost our nerve on Saturday and I had to go to work at the Liquor Store.

On Sunday morning, Greg told me he had a plan. I came outside to find the car up on our side garden and over the railroad ties we had removed. The car looked a bit scary. Many of neighbors walking by wonder if we had gotten into an accident? Greg slide out the stone onto the ramp. We then flipped the stone onto the grocery cart we found a few months ago. Not so hard? The last shot is Greg showing off the stone. The beam is supporting the cart in case it broke.

Next up? Installing the step...

greg guiding the granite step into the car
granite step going into the car via back hoe
car driven up on garden and railroad ties
granite step getting ready to flip on grocery cart
granite step out of truck on to grocery cart

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summery Weekend & Flowering Tree

flowering tree

I'm in love with this tree. It's right across the street from my house. I love that I can see while I type away on my computer. So magical. With all the warm weather many of the flowers popped over the weekend. I think I even got a little tan.

Check back tomorrow morning for an update on some landscaping projects we worked on over the weekend. We actually bought a 500lb granite step, got it in our car, and out without any injuries. We had to be creative. It's a good story. Night!

flowering tree
flowering tree

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