Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tag! My Style

My Style Right Now

I got tagged by the lovely Anne from The City Sage. I was suppose to find one image that summed up my style. I couldn't pick just one room. I feel like my style has many layers like a yummy cake. So I cheated. But my collage does express my current style. I love pinks, sage greens, some antiques, and some modern pieces. I'm drawn to sumptuous textiles and muted floral prints. The style I have right now fits my house. My house was built in 1750 so I don't want the space to feel too modern. I call it, New England Bohemian. What's your style? Join in and share!

All of the images in the collage can be found by clicking on my interiors tag.

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  1. Somehow I knew you'd come up with something this gorgeous! And I love this idea of 'New England Bohemian'! It's SO you and works perfectly with all the images I've seen of your house!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. It looks so yummy, like Marie Antoinette's macaroons.

  3. I love your style, Katy!

  4. Great collage, and you really did capture your style!

  5. such pretty pictures! I love them all.

  6. i love the combo of photos - who can sum up their style in just one photo anyway?
    love the mint and pink mix too!

  7. Hah! You cheated but in such a charming fashion, love your choices!



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