Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saving The Barns: Photographs

I totally forgot to do my weekly round up yesterday afternoon. I'm working on it now. I have one more saturday blog post treat before I do. This morning I came across this gallery of barn photographs on the The photographs are stunning. I love the oreo cookie cow in the image above! The horse in the image below is pretty awesome too. Check out more images and read the whole story about a new grant to save older agricultural barns:


  1. barns are going by the's sad. lovely shots aren't they?

  2. I was just flipping through this! I have an odd feeling that I've been to the house in the last slide... looks really familiar (my family spent summers and weekends in the area for 18 years).

  3. few things are more majestic than old barns nestled in rolling hills. I love the photos here, keep them coming!

  4. The oreo cow is actually called a Belted Galloway.

    Uncle Bill



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