Thursday, March 5, 2009

New! Farrow & Ball Wallpaper: Lotus

Farrow & Ball just released this new wallpaper called, Lotus. So pretty. One of my favorite things about Farrow & Ball's wallpaper is that the prints come in a ton of different colorways. Each colorway gives the paper a totally different look.

Farrow & Ball Lotus Print Wallpaper

farrow & ball wallpaper: lotus


  1. just discovered your lovely blog and waving hello.:)

  2. I love farrow and ball wallpaper and paint!

  3. I love how paste-y it is too -- like in person the ink is sort of glopped on. Not in an amateurish way, in a very good way.

  4. Thanks for featuring this--I need wallpaper for an accent wall in my hall and this is perfect. (Nothing I've seen so far has been quite right!) I ordered a few samples right away!



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