Friday, March 20, 2009

Doily Inspired Wedding Gowns

I never really write about wedding gowns. But I came across these three and was enamored by the fabric. I didn't really care that they happen to be wedding dresses. I've been eyeing crochet more and more and wondering if it's a vintage style that's being revived? The dress above is by Lela Rose. The fabric is gorgeous. Below are two close up shots of dresses from J.Crew. I didn't share the zoomed out shots because the models looked really depressed and sad. The flowers aren't crocheted by they do have a handmade doily quality. Really pretty.

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  1. gorgeous. totally different from what I got married in, but I absolutely love these gowns!

  2. I'm usually very blah about wedding gowns because they all seem so similar (and not anything I ever see myself in) but I've been loving these old fashioned doily options too! They have a great vintage feel.

  3. I want the Lela Rose dress and the model's hair.

  4. Katy, Spring is in the there a wedding in the near future for you? I think this would be lovely in a garden wedding.

  5. i wore the bottom j crew dress for our outdoor wedding (on a lake in northern michigan) and i loved it!

  6. nope, no plans of a wedding. maybe an elopement.

  7. Wow, a wedding dress that's actually really cute!



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