Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy House On Dwight Street in Boston

boston: crazy dwight street house

I've taken a lot of photos of beautiful front doors in Boston. This front door is just down right bizarre. The house located on Dwight Street in the South End stops you in your tracks as you walk by. Feels a bit Spanish like something you would see in Barcelona, but not. Does anyone know anything about the history of this crazy place?

p.s. thanks elisabeth for showing me around the south end!

Dwight Street Front Door

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  1. Yes..!! My brother sent me this URL and I saw the photos and read your comments..I grew up a few doors down and across the street at #28 Dwight Street..in the late 1960's a blind man lived in that house..He spent hours upon hours, months upon months..years..sculpting those forms and or placing small statuettes ..obviously it was his passion.

    All of the people who lived on Dwight Street used to pass by while he was working and say "Hello"..and ask him "Now, what is that going to be?" His reply was nearly always the same.."I don't know yet..I can't see it, but what does it look like to you?" LOL..

    Many of the additional statuettes in that photo weren't there when the blind man owned the place..I'm guessing that whoever bought it after he died made a decision to add to his original works..

    I'm sorry that I cannot recall the man's name..neighbors usually referred to him as "The crazy blind sculptor."

    Lesley Martin--Missouri

  2. There are the same kind of statues in the back yard of that same house.

  3. Next time I go by there I will check out the back and see if they are still there.

  4. Thanks for all the great info everyone!



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