Friday, March 6, 2009

A Colonial With Swedish Accents

This is my favorite new inspiration house. A colonial home that combines classic american antiques with a twist of swede. I've been trying to describe this look to my friends & family forever. I love the wall colors. Simple but with some life. I might have to go a little funkier with some pattern textiles. The house has a little too much plain linen for me. I gotta have some pattern! A beautiful house with so much inspiration. Check out more at


  1. Beautiful houses! I am living in Sweden at the moment and I love the way they decorate with a huge emphasis on indoor plants, original art work from local artists and their wide window sills are magnificently full of candles, flowers, statues, all for the benefit of the passerby. Such a nice concept and great for evening walks!

  2. Very nice. I'm a big fan of the colors and the simplicity of that house. Stockholm is beautiful and if I could get a job there, we'd move in a heartbeat. Bike lanes are everywhere!

  3. I have that issue of Martha Stewart's magazine with those bottom 4 photos... I'd bookmarked them months ago to help me choose colors for my place. They are very light, airy and soothing.

  4. Very beautiful! Imagine a Farrow & Ball paper in some of those rooms :-)



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