Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Circa Lighting Table Lamps & Getting Fleamarket Organized

Circa Lighting Table Lamps

The start of fleamarket/tag sale/auction season is right around the corner. April 5th marks opening day at Todd's Farm here in Massachusetts. Then in May we have the super show, Brimfield. I need to get organized on what I am looking for the house and what I need for my new store. (My store is going is going to launch mid-may online.) I tend to impulse shop. Kinda like going to the grocery store hungry—never a good idea. I need a list of products that I have researched and know their value so I don't end up wasting money. With a small budget I really need to stay on track.

One thing I really need for the house is table lamps. I covet all of these from Circa Lighting. Circa just seems to get all the proportions and finishes right. Some of the lights are reasonably priced but once you get into the marble bases the prices can get out of control. I know I can find alabaster bases at fleamarkets for reasonable prices. I decided to create a binder this year of my inspiration shots and measurements for every single space in my house. I hate seeing the deal of lifetime and wondering, will it fit? I know I can never be for sure if a piece will work. It's all trial and error. I would just rather go out there with some kind of plan. I can so easily get suckered in just because it's pretty. To check out more lighting visit Circa's website: circalighting.com.


  1. oooh those are some beautiful lamps! I actually was just on the hunt for a table lamp but, like you said, finding one with the right proportions AND budget is nearly impossible! Thankfully, I eventually found the perfect fit at TJMAXX for just $49.99! Gotta love a bargain!

    I think that's a GREAT idea to write down all of the measurements for your rooms! I just might have to do that, too!

    Happy flea marketing! :)

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. but definitely a look you can find at a flea market. it's amazing what a new shade will do! happy hunting!

  3. Measurements are crucial. I've saved myself some heartache that way!

    Table lamps should be plentiful if you're not set on finding a pair. Good luck! :-)



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