Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cathedral Quilts

Over the weekend I somehow came across a flickr group called, Cathedral Window Quilts. The panes of color showcase vintage fabrics that make drool with delight. As I read though the comments I began to get discouraged. Many of these quilts took years to make. How hard could it be? I tend to find projects that are bit to complex for my skill level. Check out a tutorial I found online showing you how to make Cathedral windows. For my first quilt I should probably choose something easier?

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  1. these quilts are really beautiful, by the way.

  2. you could choose something easier, or simply make the pieces bigger. or make the quilt smaller, if you know any babies that would be willing to be guinea pigs (babies are very forgiving when it comes to first-try handmade things). and, if you really want to save time, piece the top together and then pay a professional to machine quilt it. i think the hand-quilting is what takes years and years. machine quilting will also make your quilt so durable, although it might take you as long to save up for a professional quilting job as it would to hand-quilt. but you can do it, totally.

  3. My first quilt was a log cabin. The actual sewing of the quilt top takes very little time, after cutting out the pieces. I had a king size professionally machine quilted, and it costs about 300.00 - but the quilt is beautiful. Log cabins are very easy to start with and you can do some great things in designing the colors of them.

  4. holy crow, these are fantastic! I'm going to have to check out that group. I've never made a quilt, but I've been dreaming of making the rainbow circle quilt from Purl. I love Laura's idea of doing it on a smaller scale. I'd hang mine up on the wall if I ever handmade a quilt (to show it off!)

  5. I say go for it - quilting blocks is a repetitive action, so you can improve as you go. Plus, it's always more fun to work on something you are totally enamored of.

  6. They look awesome! I've never made a quilt before and i would like to learn. I'll check out that group.

  7. Thanks so much for linking to my tutorial!

    Don't be discouraged - with some focus and determination, you can have a decent lap quilt made from this pattern in a much shorter time! Plus the benefit of this pattern is that it's different to normal quilts - once you've pieced all the blocks together, the quilt is done - it doesn't require batting and backing like other quilts do.

    Good luck - I hope you do decide to make one!

    Leah xx



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