Thursday, March 19, 2009

Begonias and Spring Dresses

Begonias featured in the New York Times

Two things I am eyeing right now: begonias and spring dresses. I love tuberous begonias. I had no idea they were shade plants. Maybe they will be a perfect addition to my garden? Below, two cute 50's style dresses from Joules. I bought a similar dress a few years ago. One of my favorites. The dress on the left has a sailboat print. Too cute!

joules dresses

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  1. Be still my heart - THOSE BEGONIAS! I love fluffy double begonias - the really tuberous kind.

  2. What great clothes. I only wish it wasn't so expensive to ship to the US. Oh well sent the info to a SIL who lives in London with brother and two young sons.

  3. Have you been over to Lobster & Swan (I feel like you probably have, but I'll recommend it anyway)? Jeska has two or three gorgeous dresses from Joules ... and she's amazing at accessorizing them. Scope it out if you haven't already.

  4. Wow! I work with flowers everyday...and THOSE are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. LOVE!!!

  5. I gave you a little award today! Look at my blog to get it and pass it on!

  6. Hi Katey

    Your blog is looking great, well done you for being proactive.

    I recently posted about Constance the caravan on my blog - she's a dream! :)

  7. i am adding begonias to my "must get" list for our ever evolving backyard. they look other-worldly.



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