Friday, March 27, 2009

Artist: Emma Walker

Emma Walker is my new favorite contempary painter. I love her work. I found her while I searching for a Terry Winters painting I was dreaming about. I love Emma's jeweled toned colors. How can I not love a girl who paints with pink? She has amazing expressive strokes and layers upon layers of color that never get muddy but balance each other creating beautiful expansive space. I'm so in love. Emma your inspiring me to really bust out the big canvases and paint. Thanks. Check out more at Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney.

emma walker

emma walker


  1. Hi Katy, I love Emma's work too!! I'm hoping to do one of her workshops in the not too distant future. Would love to see the paintings in real life one day ... planning a trip to Sydney to go to Tim Olsen Gallery. I also absoultely love Robert Grieve's work:)
    cheers, Maria



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