Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy House On Dwight Street in Boston

boston: crazy dwight street house

I've taken a lot of photos of beautiful front doors in Boston. This front door is just down right bizarre. The house located on Dwight Street in the South End stops you in your tracks as you walk by. Feels a bit Spanish like something you would see in Barcelona, but not. Does anyone know anything about the history of this crazy place?

p.s. thanks elisabeth for showing me around the south end!

Dwight Street Front Door

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Handmade Scallop & Flower Bowls

Lucinda Chips: Bowls

Elegant bowls handmade by Lucinda Chips make me wish I worked more with my hands.

(found via {frolic!})

Lucinda Chips: Scalloped Bowls

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Cathedral Quilts

Over the weekend I somehow came across a flickr group called, Cathedral Window Quilts. The panes of color showcase vintage fabrics that make drool with delight. As I read though the comments I began to get discouraged. Many of these quilts took years to make. How hard could it be? I tend to find projects that are bit to complex for my skill level. Check out a tutorial I found online showing you how to make Cathedral windows. For my first quilt I should probably choose something easier?

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Sanberg: Wallpaper & Textiles

sanberg swedish wallpaper

Another great wallpaper source! Sanberg based in Sweden reflects more traditional and modern style images. Available in US through Stark. Check out their galleries for more inspiring imagery: sandbergab.se

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Baking Binge: Buttermilk Biscuits

buttermilk biscuits

I've been on a cooking and baking binge the last few days. Above my buttermilk biscuits I made last night to go with some leftover chicken soup. For the whole month of March I hardly made any sweets and tried to limit my naughty food intake. I thought I would have lost at least a few pounds. Yeah nothing. So my new plan? Bake and cook whatever I want (which honestly is not bad at all) and work out 5 days a week. Not baking and cooking fun new recipes made my life so boring. Next up? I am dying to make the Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie I spotted in the new issue of Bon Appetit.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Homemade Blueberry Muffins

Homemade Blueberry Muffins

Last night I made up a batch of homemade blueberry muffins. I'm not so big on muffins but for some reason I was having a craving. I just got my new issue of Cook's Illustrated in the mail featuring a blueberry muffin recipe so I thought I would give it a try. Cook's recipe was a little different then most. Half the blueberries used were just thawed right out of the frozen bag. The other cup was mixed with sugar and reduced over the stovetop to create a blueberry jam. The jam was then swirled into the muffin batter. The muffins got topped with a lemon zest/sugar topping just before baking. Greg loved them. I'm still on the fence. I think I'm more of a scone kinda girl.

blueberry muffin & latte

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Affordable Landscape Paintings by Paintbox

It's totally gray, gloomy, and stale out this morning. I can't take it anymore! I wish I was inside one of thes painting by Paintbox. Happy blue skies and green fields sounds heavenly on a day like today. Pick up a painting at Paintbox's etsy shop starting at just $25.

affordable landscape paintings

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Tomato Seeds Growing

Tomato Seeds Growing

A little garden update. My heirloom tomato seeds are sprouting. I had a lot of seeds; 72 plants in total. I realize I can't grow all of these plants in my small yard. A few are going to my sister's house down in New York and to a friend. If you live in Marblehead and are interested in growing a few heirloom tomato plants; please feel free to send me an e-mail.

In our garden news I recently signed up at my local food coop to recieve a package of farm fresh veggies, herbs, and cheese each week. We're going to be eating like kings all summer long! Want to find out more about food coops and local farming in your area? Check out: localharvest.org.

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5qm: Vintage Wallpapers

vintage floral wallpaper

I realized over the weekend how many of you have found me while searching for wallpaper resources. I thought I would add a few to the category to maybe help all of you wallpaper fanatics in your search. 5qm based in Germany specalizes in original vintage wallpapers from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. Just a few of my favorites above and below. 5qm will ship worldwide so don't be discouraged by the address. Check out their large galleries of inspiration here.

Do you have a favorite wallpaper source you would love to share? Drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

vintage wallpaper

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

House Renovation: Dirt Basements

Rotten Beams

I thought we should share a bit about the house renovation on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Greg has been down in the basements (we have a front and back basement) working on repairing rotten beams and decaying foundation walls for most of the winter. The basements are all dirt. We would love to even out the floors and pour a cement slab floor. We could then move all our water heaters and furnaces (remember we have two because it's a two-family) into the basement. Right now, the space is full of rocks and large amounts of dirt that needs to be removed. We have been brainstorming ways to get the dirt of the space. The only direct access to the outside is through a small window.

Pile of Dirt in Back Basement

Below is Greg's version of our basement renovation and some of his creative ideas to deal with our dirt problem. He left out the part where he was trying to convince me to buy an old treadmill from craigslist. He thought we could pile the dirt and rocks onto the treadmill from the basement and then have them move out the window to the yard. I think his idea stemmed from the conveyor belts you see at the airport. Great idea but we could only find really large conveyor belts that were way to expensive for the job. Part two of this dirt problem: What to do with it once we get it out of the house?


Rock Wall Rebuilt in Basement

Check out my wall—I'm not talking about Facebook. It's a stone wall I rebuilt with some of the rocks I found in the basement. Orginally, the basement window was probably used as a coal chute. I found a lot of old coal scattered in the soil around the space.

craigslist ad for vacuum truck

In the process of fixing some deteriorating footings holding up some rotted posts, I have accumulated a large pile of dirt and rocks. The plan was to shovel the pile through the window, easier said than done. I had no responses to my Craigslist Ad and I didn't have the money to pay someone to do that anyway. Instead, I ordered 100 sandbags on ebay for $50 to manage the dirt pile.

Tubes to Fill Dirt.

I needed some help filling these sandbags so I built this tool from 12' of an 8" C size sonotube. The bag fits inside the tube and the top of the bag rolls snuggly over the top so it will stay open. The box on the right was my prototype. The shopping cart I found discarded in a dumpster makes the perfect soil screen and limits the rocks in these bags because I have other plans for them. I've also got plans for the full sandbags.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Round Up: March 27, 2009

Weekly Round Up: March 27, 2009

I don't have the time to put up all my posts into the round up. I have to run to meet elisabeth from Black Pearl Press in Boston this afternoon. She was kind enough to invite me to her studio and to show me some of her favorites shops in the South End. Bye for now. I'll be back tonight with a proper round up. Have a nice weekend.

Artist: Emma Walker, Su Tornno, Rob Ryan, Sarah Giannobole, and Samantha Hahn.

Affordable Artwork: Wallnut and Hadley Hutton: Feeding The Birds Print.

Diy & Crafts: Colorblock Granny Square Throw, New Book! Lost Crafts: Rediscovering Traditional Skills, Ellie Evans: Tote & Pin Cushion, Fabric Button Covers for Hair Pins & Ties, and Weekend Sewing Project.

Fashion: Toast: Spring Fashion and New! Spring Epice Scarves.

Flowers: domino: Favorite Flower Shot and March Flowers at The Garden Store.

Furniture: Aiveen Daly: Ruffle Side Chair.

Paper: Summersville Textiles & Journals.

Interiors: Tag! My Style

Pillows: Acorn & Will/Fabric Buying Question and Colorful Pillow Covers.

Wallpaper: Happysthlm Textiles & Wallpaper, Bird Wallpapers in British Homes & Gardens, and Ribbon Wallpaper by Studio Ditte.

Artist: Emma Walker

Emma Walker is my new favorite contempary painter. I love her work. I found her while I searching for a Terry Winters painting I was dreaming about. I love Emma's jeweled toned colors. How can I not love a girl who paints with pink? She has amazing expressive strokes and layers upon layers of color that never get muddy but balance each other creating beautiful expansive space. I'm so in love. Emma your inspiring me to really bust out the big canvases and paint. Thanks. Check out more at Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney.

emma walker

emma walker

Acorn & Will/Fabric Buying Question

I spotted this source in the new issue of British Country Living. Acorn & Will makes all kinds of super cute crafts using vintage fabrics. I love the button covered hair pins above. Below a few of my favorite vintage handmade pillows. The front and back showcase two different coordinating fabrics. Love.

This post brings me to fabric question I've been thinking about. As some of you know I'm trying to get a little online store up and running. I have a huge container full of vintage fabric. Would you rather buy vintage fabric as is or have it already made into a pillow? I am getting quite good at the pillow making. But I wonder if people like just buying the fabric. Or maybe I should do both?

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Colorblock Granny Square Throw

One more thing before I go for the day. I came across this awesome colorblock granny square throw over at Purl Bee yesterday. A-mazing! Reminds me of a Josef Albers painting (below). Find out more by clicking over to the Purl Bee blog.

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domino: Favorite Flower Shot

domino: flowers

I have this image from domino tacked up on my bulletin board next me while I work. The image inspires me that Spring will eventually come. The gorgeous flowers make me think about ways to take better photos. The small type in the lower right hand corner pushes me to revise my resume. I miss being around people who love to talk about design as much as me. Have a nice afternoon!


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Birthday Cake and Flowers

Toast: Spring Fashion

Why do you toy with me dear, Toast? I love all your new spring fashion pieces. Full of color and flowers. I wish I could have ever piece. Seriously, if I hadn't hide my credit card from myself I would buy all of you.

Toast: Spring Fashion

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Tuesday Spring Favorites

Su Tornno

I found this link via the inspiring oh joy! last week. I love the designs that appear on pillows, tiles, and clothing. They have me thinking about some drawings I've started to work on. Check out more: suturno.net.

sutorno designs

Colorful Pillow Covers

colorful pillow covers

I've stared at these pillows for a long time. The colors and imagery feel heavily layered but neatly organized. So pretty.

Affordable Artwork: Wallnut

Simple pen and ink drawings feel like poetry. Buy now for just $50 each. Check out more at wallnut's etsy shop.

affordable artwork: wallnut

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tag! My Style

My Style Right Now

I got tagged by the lovely Anne from The City Sage. I was suppose to find one image that summed up my style. I couldn't pick just one room. I feel like my style has many layers like a yummy cake. So I cheated. But my collage does express my current style. I love pinks, sage greens, some antiques, and some modern pieces. I'm drawn to sumptuous textiles and muted floral prints. The style I have right now fits my house. My house was built in 1750 so I don't want the space to feel too modern. I call it, New England Bohemian. What's your style? Join in and share!

All of the images in the collage can be found by clicking on my interiors tag.

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Artist: Rob Ryan

I was staring at my new favorite book forever trying to figure out who designed the cover. I knew it looked familar. Thanks, P. for leaving a comment and reminding me. I have the worse memory ever! I'm the kind of person who needs to say or write things a couple of times to remember anything. Thanks, to my blog I have a place to organize all my ideas before I forget.

The work above and below is by paper cut artist, Rob Ryan. Now that I remember him, I remember that I love his work. Check out his website and etsy shop for more.

artist: rob ryan

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The Art of Paper Cutting Blog

New Book! Lost Crafts: Rediscovering Traditional Skills

I am so buying this book right now! A new book by Una McGovern promoting traditional crafts and housekeeping. The book offers a look at bygone crafts such as making lace, cheese, making bow & arrows, and stonemasonry. As I return to a simplier way of life I find myself yearning for books that teach me lessons that involve a little pain and sweat. Looks like a great read. How amazing is the cover too? Buy the book now at amazon.com.

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Happysthlm Textiles & Wallpaper

happysthlm pillows textiles

Since I am on a colorful theme this week I thought I would include these beautiful textiles and wallpapers from Happysthlm. I am totally digging the swirly lines and flowers. So Swedish. Get a peek inside the designer's home over at design*sponge.

happysthlm wallpaper

Ellie Evans: Tote & Pin Cushion

ellie evans: tote & pin cushion

I've been sewing like crazy. I was searching yesterday afternoon around my house for a pin cushion but all I found was a weirdo little brown one. Ellie Evans makes these super sweet patchwork cushions using old scraps. The cushions are then filled with sand. While your at her site check out her bags too! Hearts and stripes so cute.

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Bird Wallpapers in British Homes & Gardens

Jungle Birds Wallpaper

Some of us might feel like we have had enough of the bird craze. As long as there are no owls; I'm still game. In the March issue of British Homes & Gardens a beautiful layout of bird wallpapers struck me. My favorite is "Jungle Birds" above designed and hand printed by artist Marthe Armitage for Hamilton Weston. The line work is absolutely stunning.

bird wallpapers

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