Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Round Up: February 20, 2009

weekly round up: february 20, 2009

Yeah it's friday! I feel like I am coming down with something. I'm sneezing, coughing and my back feels all achy. I guess it's that time of year. Orange juice to the rescue! If that doesn't work I guess I spend the weekend hunkered down in the house. I hope everyone else has a nice weekend! Below a round up of this week's posts broken up into suitable categories.

p.s. to view last week's round up click here.

Affordable Artwork: Medical Models, la familia green hand cut paper collage, Sunprint Kit, and Trash Mount Print.

Artist: John Dolan: Photographer, Katy Allgeyer: Painter, Chris Jordon, Jill Gallenstein, and Denise Gr√ľnstein: Photographer.

Furniture: Consoles I'm Eyeing.

Garden: Narcissus Bulbs Coming Up! and What I'm Eyeing: Garden Inspired Accessories.

Fashion: Pokey Through Scarf and Bitto Shirt Dress.

Jewelry: Seed Pod Rings.

Kids: Flower Embroidered Baby Shoes.

Interiors: Favorite Light Blue Rooms From domino and Pink Walls and a Liberty Print Curtain.

On The Streets: Fix Master Shop.

Pillows: Colorful Ikat Pillows.

Script: Custom Script Address Stamps.

Wallpaper: Katie Ridder's New Wallpaper Line.


  1. Feel better, Katy. Thanks, as always, for a great week of posts.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! My chiropractor recommends buying GoldenSeal (herb), Echanasia, Zinc, Elderberry, and Oreganol Oil (all come in pill form). I started feeling a cold coming on yesterday morning but am already feeling better now that I've had a dose of those vitamins! (They're best at a Fruitful Yield, Vitamin Shoppee, Whole Foods, or someplace like that with health foods instead of Walmart, Target, etc. - higher potency.) I'm doing all the above except Echanasia since I'm allergic to ragweeds. I also bought Emergen-C, 1000 mg of Vit C that you just mix in with orange juice or water. I hope within the first 48 hrs I notice a huge difference. But already just a few hours later I'm feeling more energy!! (which is a pretty huge thing for me!) :) HOpe you feel better soon....



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