Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekly Round Up: February 13, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up: February 13, 2009

Sorry I was a little late on my round up this week. I went into Boston yesterday afternoon to get some art supplies. I want to try translating my large scale stripe paintings into smaller prints. I'll keep you updated on the progress. Enjoy the weekend and valentine's day! Below a wrap up this week's posts broken up into suitable categories.

p.s. to view last week's wrap up click on weekly.

Affordable Artwork: Early Spring Photographs by Abby Try Again, Pink Suitcase Photograph, and Bike Prints.

Artist: Judy Pfaff: New Exhibit and Nava Lubelski.

Diy: Vintage Delftware Tablecloth and Crepe Paper Roses.

Garden: Vintage Seed Packets and Blaze, Dr. Huey, and Sally Holmes Roses.

House Renovation: Gas vs Electric and Researching HVAC.

Interiors: A few of my favorite pink rooms.

Jewelry: St Kilda Iolite Ring.

Lighting: Italian Gilt Pineapple Sconces

Paper: Linea Carta: Valentine's Day Script Card and Colorful Gift Tags and Labels.

Recipes: Grumpy Heart Cookies, Valentine Treats at The Village Tea Room, and Raspberry Chocolate French Macaroons.

Tabletop: Red Enamel Tabletop.

Textiles: Liz Jaff: Quilts and Kerry Cassill: New 2009 Prints.

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