Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vintage Seed Packets

Antique Seed Packets, $5 for six, TinkersShop's shop.

I've been thinking about a lot about gardening. I can't wait for spring and eventually summer when I finally get to put in my first garden. For now I am huddled away in my house dreaming of vintage seed packets. Totally awesome framed as a set. I found a few on etsy that were pretty cute but be sure to check ebay too.

Vintage Flower Seeds Packets, $6.95 for six, pinkgrapefruitstyle's shop.

Vintage Seed Packets, $4.50 for seven,

Vintage French Seed Packets, $7.25 for six, HummingbirdEyes's shop.

Vintage Flower Seeds from the 1930's, about $7,


  1. These are wonderful and SO CUTE! Reminds me of these seed jars I saw at a antique show -

    and this seed holder -

  2. I'm on a seed packet kick, too! Must be the temporary heat wave.



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